Gestalt Equine Psychotherapy(GEP)™ Training Program

The Gestalt Equine Institute of the Rockies combines the passion for horses and Gestalt therapy in a Gestalt Equine Psychotherapy (GEP)™ training program.

  1. From seasoned therapist and expert equestrian to student therapist or horse novice our program is designed for you to become a competent and effective equine assisted psychotherapist.
  2. The focus of our program is on the professional and personal development of each participant, as well as an emphasis on your horsemanship development.
  3. Receive certification as a Gestalt Equine Psychotherapist™ if you hold a Masters degree or higher, or receive a certification of completion from our program if you do not hold a license in the state in which you are practicing. We do not license people, this is a certification in addition to the licensing process of each state. Please follow the regulations of your state. Please note each state has their own requirements and it is your responsibility to know and meet those requirements.
  4. Deepen your knowledge of therapeutic issues through both theoretical and experiential learning.
  5. Learn how to create experiments with the horses that help your clients experience themselves more fully, and improve their level of awareness, contact, and presence.
  6. Feel confident in your ability to keep your clients safe while working with the horses.

This is a 2 year training program designed to teach Gestalt Equine Assisted Psychotherapy™ from a Gestalt perspective. Participants will meet 8 times over two years in Golden, CO and gain an understanding of the therapeutic relationship between therapist-horse-client, competency in the essential concepts and experiential process of Gestalt therapy, and expertise in horsemanship.

Training will also provide basic knowledge of horses including: safety, herd behavior, ground work, riding, health care, theory and history of horsemanship, and other relevant areas of horse management.

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We are currently accepting applications. Please call for more information regarding program format, dates, and cost. This is a rolling admissions program.

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